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Unemployment remains unchanged but wages grow

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A recent report from the Office for National Statistics shows that the UK unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6% in the three months to 31 October 2014 while wages grew more than expected at 1.4%.

Job prospects improving for graduates

Tuesday, 06 January 2015

Things are looking up for students. A recent report from High Fliers, a graduate research company, shows that the number of graduate jobs being offered by the top 100 UK employers increased by 7.9% last year, and is expected to rise by about the same amount in 2015.

Apprenticeship or university?

Monday, 05 January 2015

A recent report from the Sutton Trust argues that graduates faced with high student debt and poor potential earning prospects would be better off not going to university in the first place, saying that some young peoples may be better off undertaking an apprenticeship.