Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Benefits of a Gap Year

Your son or daughter may choose to take a gap year after they leave school and before they start university or college. This year out can be a great opportunity for them to have a break from academia, earn some money, gain invaluable experience, meet new people, increase independence and learn new skills.

Benefits of gap year

Universities, colleges and future employers support gap years as they see the value when students grow in confidence, have a more mature outlook and greater focus when they return to their studies. When your son or daughter applies for their university place, if they intend to take a gap year they should outline their plan in their personal statement. For this reason it is important they have a goal, rather than just taking a year off to aimlessly do nothing.

There are various options open to your child for their gap year. Probably the first decision should be whether they wish to travel, or remain in the UK. They could work in the UK for 6 months to earn money to fund 6 months travelling abroad. Or they may choose to work their way around the world whilst taking in the sights and new experiences this will afford. The world is literally their oyster.