Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Advice for Students Looking to Make Extra Money while Studying

For years your children have been relying on you, but now they have to do it themselves. University or college is a great starting point for them to find out what real life is all about.   

Yet it doesn't pay for itself, and the Bank of Mum & Dad only stretches so far!


You're probably wondering what advice to give concerning your fledglings going out and earning their own keep. Do you let them down gently or throw them in at the deep end of the jobs market?


Our guide gives you everything you need, so that when they ask you what to do, you can provide them with some clear and practical answers…



1. Earn as you learn


The most practical advice you can give a student in today's climate is to get a part time job. This can be challenging in a competitive marketplace, but achievable.


Here's the thing. There are lots of places you can find jobs these days, so knowing where to look and what to look for is crucial.


Signing up with agencies with a good track record of student work is a good first step. With agencies the secret is to pester them a little. That way they'll work harder for you.


A top dedicated site for student employment is Student Job . It's also worth looking on campus too. Uni jobs are considerate of study patterns in a way other roles aren't.


Job sites have mushroomed in recent years, from Reed to CV Library . They have easy search options so you can narrow it down to the type of work you want.



2. Budget master


Of course it's no use earning money if they're just going to spend it all down the pub at the end of the week. That's where the subject of budgets comes in!


We know what you're thinking. Your son or daughter doesn't know anything about numbers. In which case, technology can be a lifesaver.


Finance-managing apps can be added to their smartphones alongside the fruity games and Pokemon hunts. Some of these are totally free.


Money Dashboard is one of these. It sets everything out clearly and gives you an overview on ingoings, outgoings, and everything in-between.


The best thing about apps is that they do a lot of the heavy lifting, and will hopefully encourage the laziest student to behave better with their money.


3. Offload and cash in


Chances are you've visited your kids' Hall of Residence or student digs and marvelled at the amount of stuff lying around. This too can be used to make extra cash.


It's really easy. If they're not already doing it, they can sell clothes, tech, discs etc on a range of platforms, including musicMagpie , and of course eBay .


And if they don't need those expensive textbooks anymore, they can be sold on for a tidy sum. A site such as We Buy Books is a no brainer for this.


Facebook are also getting in on the act. Their Marketplace makes it simple to buy and sell locally. Great for big items, though extra caution is advised when selling face to face.



4. Work from home


Pulling shifts at a restaurant or factory is hard. So why not advise them to seek online work? If they're writing all their essays on a computer, then they can do a job on one too.


Now, let's say you've got a student who's creative. Upwork is a great example of a site that offers freelance work via a diverse group of employers both big and small.


This enables someone to get on the jobs ladder faster and with stronger career prospects than a gruelling hands-on role.


Online is also a good option if your son or daughter uses YouTube , or similar self-marketing platform. That and blogging can launch them on the world stage.


Although the money doesn't come straight away here, and it requires a lot of determination to build up a following. So, they should pick something that they are really passionate about if they are going to start a blog from it.


Another way of making a little bit of extra online is filling out surveys. Sometimes a small cash reward is paid, but more often than not an online retailer voucher is awarded instead. These vouchers, however, can go towards paying for essentials for uni, such as books and laptops.



5. Take note


Times really have changed with this tip. Technology has advanced and everything happens on screens, but that's still no substitute for a good set of revision notes.


This is crazy. One enterprising law student has an Instagram account where they upload snaps of their workstation. This has netted them thousands of followers.


And because their social media presence is strong, they can use that to make money. The sky really is the limit when it comes to this sort of thing!


It's the cyber equivalent of asking the person on the next desk what they've written for the answer. Something maybe we all did during our time in education…