Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Specialist courses

  • Single honours

    Single Honours programmes, in other words a degree course concentrating on one subject, may mean that your son or daughter is unable to study anything else except that particular subject.

  • Joint honours

    A Joint Honours programme allows for study in two subjects which are split into two halves.

  • Modular

    Other degree programmes can allow students to combine two (or more) different subjects via a modular system or credit based scheme. There are a number of compulsory units to complete, with the remainder of the programme being a flexible combination of a number of subjects.

  • Broad to specialist

    There are also courses which offer a variety of subjects during the first year but which do specialise later.

    Many careers or admissions advisers would recommend that students undertake a spread of subjects at first if at all possible before narrowing down their learning as time goes on. This is fine is their particular programme or career of choice allows for it, but may not be suitable or applicable in all cases. It is imperative therefore, to check this aspect prior to application.