Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Choosing a university or college

Home or Away?

Staying at home while studying is cheaper option for most but your child might feel it is important to break free and study away.

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Overview - Home or away

Distance Learning

Distance learning can be extremely flexible enabling those with other commitments to fit study into their lives.

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Overview - Distance Learning

Researching Universities

Researching all possible universities is important. Find out as much as you can before making the shortlist.

Ways to research universities >

Overview - Research


There are 6 important things to check when researching a university.

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Overview - Checklist

League Tables

League tables provide a concise way to quickly compare different institutions. However, there are pros and cons of such comparative measurement.

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Overview - Leagure Tables

The Application Process

We identify and talk through the many stages of applying for the chosen universities.

The university application process explained >

Overview - Application Process