Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Looking for employment

Preparing to search for job vacanciesDirection

Despite the current economic situation, there are openings to be found in the world of work for those looking in the right places. To secure a position with prospects that is suited to your son or daughter's aims, aspirations and abilities can, however, involve a lot of detective work.

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Once you have investigated and discovered the type of work or field that they would be interested in working in, the next phase is to begin to prepare for the job hunting process itself


Before making any approaches to potential companies you need to provide the benefit of your wisdom in helping your son or daughter to prepare a CV, to help them to demonstrate what it is they are offering an employer in the way of skills, qualifications and aptitude. It is worth getting some advice if you are having trouble with producing a CV, but think twice before parting with huge sums of money to get a 'professional' to do it for you; there are plenty of sources on the internet and through books in the library and online that are very knowledgeable, up to date and useful, so have a read first and make an attempt.

The crucial piece of advice to remember is that skills, abilities and aptitudes could be gained and honed doing any number of non work related activities. For young people nowadays, IT skills are almost a given, for example. Explore with your son or daughter the types of computer packages and peripherals that they have been used to operating their whole life and incorporate that information into the CV. Similarly with any other aspect of their life to date that could be construed as 'transferable skills'.

Other transferable skills could be:

Communication skills (gained through any number of activities; debating, presentations, written work etc)

Team work (through actual team activities, extra curricular undertakings)

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