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Job hunting

Where are the jobs?job hunting

There are many sources of potential job vacancies. Just knowing where to look can be a daunting prospect in itself.

Here are some ideas:

•Jobcentre Plus- An excellent source of not only job vacancies (with terminals available providing information on local, regional and national positions via a searchable database), but with advisors on hand to offer help and guidance and access to a range of support services.

•Recruitment Agencies - There are many recruitment agencies in the high street and online offering positions in a wide range of different career areas. Some specialise in particular fields, such as accountancy, marketing etc., and some providing general vacancies local to a particular area. Nowadays most local and national agencies have an online presence so it is not always necessary to physically attend a particular agency to either register or search for jobs.

•Websites -There are innumerable sites online that provide job vacancies with searchable databases, opportunities to upload a CV, gain advice and organise interviews. As mentioned above, most of the traditional recruitment agencies now have an online presence, as well as the online-only sites.

•Newspapers/Trade publications - Recruitment advertisements are published daily across a vast network of national and local publications. Again some of these are career specific on certain days and other publications have supplements dedicated to a particular career area as a feature on a regular basis. Trade publications are those related to a certain industry or business and are worth looking into also, as many organisations are looking for people with a keen interest in their field and tend to use these to advertise jobs.

•Social Networking - Sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter can also be important as part of the job hunting process. They are useful means of self publicising your career goals and intentions and for gaining referrals, or connections through other users.

Here's a useful link for school leavers who are seeking work or training: