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Signs Your Child Would Benefit from a Tutor


School can be tough on kids, and it's easy to fall behind. If you're not sure if your child needs a tutor, take a look here.

Education is demanding, and while your child may thrive in one subject, they may struggle in another.

But how do you when it's time to call in a private tutor? Here are some of the signs your child needs a little bit of help.

Losing Confidence

You may notice your child hesitates when you ask how their day was, or they may be reluctant to show you their books and homework. Whatever the trigger, kids are much more like to hide away than ask for help.

If you see that your child is coming home and heading straight to their bedroom, or hiding their books away from prying eyes, they may be falling behind and their confidence is taking a hit as a consequence.

In this case, a private tutor can tailor lessons to the child, rather than expect them to keep up with a large class. One to one tuition is great for rebuilding confidence in a weak subject, and he or she will feel much better heading to school knowing they can discuss any problems later.

Hiding Homework or Reports

Whether it's hiding their bags or trying to throw out their report cards, kids know when they're struggling, and they'll go to great lengths to keep it a secret.

You'll often see them shy away from meaningless questions about school, or even catch them crying over a small piece of homework that has sent them into a panic.

If hiding their homework happens consistently, it may be more than a small issue, and they could very well be struggling to understand why they aren't at the same level as their friends.

When this happens, calling in a tutor may be necessary, even if it's just for help with homework.

Some children struggle without the guidance of a teacher, and the thought of working independently terrifies them. In this case, a tutor can gradually increase the child's confidence to the point where they realise working alone isn't to terrifying after all.

Struggling to Meet Deadlines

As children get older, they're expected to study more subjects, and work to certain deadlines.

This is meant to be a gradual process, but it's not uncommon for children to enter secondary school and find themselves lost in timetables and homework schedules that they can't quite keep track of.

Deadlines may end up slipping, or you could find your teenager up all hours trying finish a project they didn't realise had to be in the next day.

Here, a private tutor could help improve study habits, as well as self-motivation and task prioritisation. Instead of rushing to finish a task in time, it would allow for slower progress, and more understanding of the overall subject.

Lower Grades   

It may not be a drastic slip in grades, but even the slightest of changes warrants concern. If your child regularly achieves the average, but then starts to fall below as their education progresses, it may be a good idea to call in a tutor before it's too late.

Even if they're still passing the subject, they may not understand why their grades are slipping, and eventually lose confidence and interest in the subject completely.

This is especially key as children approach GCSE age, as exams can be failed on lack of confidence alone, it's important to get them focused and feeling like they can succeed even in their worst subject before their exams depend on it.

Learning Difficulties

If your child has learning difficulties, they may struggle to feel accepted or as capable as their friends. As a result their confidence may suffer and they run the risk of losing motivation altogether as the feel as though they are destined to fail.

Tutors are often trained in dealing with learning difficulties, and the one to one tuition would take away the pressures of trying to keep up with peers.

It can benefit the child's confidence in the classroom, as well as develop stress handling techniques that could stop them panicking in the future.

Education is a wonderful thing, and it can help your child develop into a well-rounded adult who's not afraid to chase their dreams.

If your child does need some extra help however, private tuition could help them not simply thrive in school, but also enjoy their lessons without fear of not completely understanding.


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