Advice for parents about the career options for their children


Q: Who is the site aimed at?
A: Parents or guardians of young people who are faced with, or who will be faced with, making decisions about their options post 18. Many of us have not had recent enough or relevant experience in order to be able to confidently provide advice or guidance to our sons or daughters. This site has been written by, and for, parents who want to contribute meaningfully to the process of making these important decisions.
Q: Who is involved in producing the site?
A: The editor is a professional careers adviser with over 25 years' experience of working within the education sector, providing information, advice and career guidance to people of all ages and at all levels. 

Q: Can I get face to face career guidance and support for my child?
A: Schools and colleges have a duty of care to provide career guidance services to young people within education. A good place to start would be your child's designated careers teacher, or head of year.

Q: What do I do if I need individual advice after reading through the site?
A: As above, you could contact your child's school or college to speak to the designated careers teacher or log onto the website for more information about contacting a careers adviser in person on:

Q: Where can I go to receive more information about specific courses, institutions or career options that my child is interested in?
A: There are references to external sources of help throughout our site, but as a rule of thumb it is always advisable to approach institutions directly for more information and to speak to student advisers based within admissions or student recruitment departments. An institution's website is usually the best place to start to find out more specific information.