Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Careers advice action plan

It helps hugely for your son or daughter to have seen a professional careers advisor at some point leading up to decision (and application time), so that their own ideas and potential choices for an education path and eventual career can be dissected and put to the test in an impartial manner. It would also help you to have sight of the outcome of that discussion in the form of their action plan, which would have been drawn up at the point of the interview, and should contain notes on the thought processes leading the student to this point.


The action plan should address the following issues in order to help to move them towards a decision:


Where am I now

1. What is my current situation in relation to my education in terms of achievement levels, grades, expected grades and attitude towards continuing in learning.

This helps to establish a clear picture of what has gone before to bring the student to this particular point in time.


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Where do I want to be?

2. What are my initial thoughts on my next steps?

3. Have I thought further than simply attending a university on to where it can lead me, or have I got a clear path mapped out ahead of me that I want to pursue?

This helps to focus both the student and the adviser on some structured approaches to helping themselves to look at the next phase, which is centred on achieving those goals.


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How will I get there?

4. What route will I need to take in order to achieve these goals?

This section will relate to qualification requirements, some specific information on certain institutions, continued learning, training and importantly, the length of time needed and the amount of dedication to the cause that will be required. This is the section that you as a parent will need to take most notice of in order to begin to piece together the type of support you will need to offer.


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Who can help me to achieve this?

This section will outline those people or places that your son or daughter may be able to access so that they can gain the help they need. This could identify specific advisers within HE, heads of department in their current school or college, a professional within their chosen industry and so on.




The next step

Once you have discussed the outcomes from their professional careers interview and your son or daughter feels that it has helped them to shape their thoughts you can then begin to work through the recommendations in order to test those ideas further.