Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Up and Coming Apprenticeship Career Options for School Leavers


It's the most crucial time in the life of your child so far: they're leaving school behind, but aren't too sure what to do next. You're constantly hearing about job shortages, difficult economic climates, and are surrounded by a general pessimism about the future for young people.

You might be forgiven if you're left wondering how you can help to secure a successful future for your child, and with so many possible career routes out there, it can be a very difficult decision to make for you both.

By outlining some of the most up and coming career routes suitable for school leavers, we hope to reassure you that your child's future is what they, and you make it - a degree isn't always essential for a rewarding career, just the right attitude, determination, enthusiasm, and hard work!

Computing and Technology

Is your child an IT flyer? The one the teacher always called in to help fix the computers in class? The one who knew how to download all the game hacks for their friends? If so, they might well be suited to a career in computing.

Business companies, schools, and all other kinds of establishments require IT skills and technicians to maintain their level of communication with the rest of the world. In the past twenty years, technological advancements have come a very long way and they don't look like stopping any time soon, as this study by The Emerging Future explains. They predict that in forty years, technology will be a trillion times more advanced than it is today which means a career in technology and computing for your child could be very exciting and extremely worthwhile.

IT careers can involve many different career paths - your child could work as a helpdesk professional in a large company, providing support for IT problems; an IT technician at a school, hospital, business company; or even a computer programmer or website designer. Just imagine if they could create the next viral computer game or social media mobile app?

Anywhere that uses computers (which is pretty much everywhere on Earth and beyond!) is going to need an IT expert to make sure they're all working properly, and when they ultimately break, they'll need maintenance and improvements. A career in technology can provide rewarding salaries too.

Publishing and Journalism

Does your child enjoy reading books or writing stories? Did they ever make up their own pretend newspaper? Then a career in publishing and journalism could definitely be a realistic possibility for your child.

News will be in our lives forever; whether good or bad, there will always be a news story to report on whether it's a cat fashion show, the next US president or England winning the 2030 World Cup. This career path holds an endless list of possibilities, a good salary and the opportunity to travel the world too.

The world of writing is truly expansive; so if writing is your child's strength, it could provide a very rewarding and secure career.

Marketing and PR

Is your child confident with both a computer and a pen? Do they want to combine IT and creative skills? If so, then digital marketing and PR could be the answer you and your child have been searching for.

Marketing and PR careers are becoming increasingly stable career paths and are riding the wave of the technological revolution. Advancements in technology, particularly with companies such as Google means digital marketing careers in SEO, PPC and social media marketing are here for the long run.  

By now, every company should have a website and be thinking about how they market their business online. It's imperative for a business' success to have a strong online presence in order to advertise and sell their product, improve their amount of Facebook likes, Twitter followers or whatever their online marketing intentions.

Companies are always looking to perfect their online image, and a good marketing and PR manager who can creatively combine creativity, writing and IT skills will always be well sought after.

A career in marketing and PR offers flexibility, inspires creativity and provides the chance the work for the world's biggest companies and brands.


Unless we reverse time to the stone-age and become Neanderthals once again, we'll all require a haircut every so often, even if we have to drag our child to the barbers now and again.

If your child has a passion for hair and beauty and enjoys talking to and meeting new people, then a career in hairdressing could definitely be a good fit.

People will always pride themselves on their appearance, and will always want to be styled and groomed - whether it's for a special occasion such as a wedding, a new job or just for day-to-day life to make them look and feel better.

You can become a hairdresser at college or as a trainee while attending college on a part-time basis. However, the main requirements are an awareness of fashion trends, creativity, and good people skills.

The real beauty of becoming a hairdresser is that it allows your child to start their own business and become their own boss, yielding a more secure career route and earning potential.

Food Service Management

Working at a restaurant, hotel or cafe could launch your child into a successful career in catering, or at least give your child the momentum and motivation to achieve great things in the culinary world such as becoming chef and opening up their own restaurant or food service.  

Let's face it- we all love to try out new cuisines and the latest fancy restaurants from up and coming chefs so why can't that chef be your child? A career in the catering industry is secure and provides longevity too.  

Working in the food and hospitality industry can be hard work but very fulfilling, rewarding and a varied experience: from preparing menus and managing hospitality events to creating spectacular dishes for all us foodies to enjoy and share on Instagram. 

If your child has a knack for cooking and a sound palette then a career in food service could be a great career for your child.


Equally, careers in the sports and fitness industry have become increasingly popular in recent years, with the industry still enjoying decades of growth with the opening of public gyms and a continued obsession with fitness.

Your child could specify their work on a particular group of people, such as children, disabled people and the elderly or even professional body-builders. What's more, they could focus more on activities such as up and coming trends like Pilates and yoga - the opportunities are vast and endless. In the UK we have a huge problem with a lack of physical activities being carried out, so there is clear need for a change, and your child could benefit from this.

If your child enjoys meeting and working with new people, enjoys sport and has good motivational skills, then this certainly could be a career to look into.

Skilled Trade

The trade industry is currently suffering a nationwide skills shortage.A career in the trade industry is not only sure to be financially rewarding, successful and stable, but it is also vital to the economic growth of our country.

With the current skills shortage, the UK government has outlined a plan to provide 20,000 apprenticeships in the construction industry by 2020; plans such as road and housing construction to accommodate the rising population, the installation of domestic appliances (boilers, heating systems, gas stoves, ovens etc), as well as the maintenance required to keep houses in good condition for years to come.

These plans will be unable to go ahead without an increase in the amount of tradespeople in work - and for this reason, now is the best time to become a fully qualified tradesperson.

With tradespeople in such high-demand, finding work is far easier than ever before, as there simply aren't enough workers to go around in the current situation. Although there are apprenticeship schemes around the country, they often take years to complete, which potentially contribute to the current skills shortage. With a slower turnover of qualified tradespeople, the gap in the industry is gradually widening.

Access Training offers effective, accredited fast-track courses in electrician training, gas engineering and plumbing, all of which will provide your child with the necessary qualifications they need to get on their feet in the trade industry, and all for a fraction of the cost for university.

If becoming a plumber, electrician or gas engineer is something your child might be interested in, take a look at their options with Access Training Academies.

Article written by Rhys Griffifths Underdown at Access Training Academies