Advice for parents about the career options for their children

Parental advice favoured for university choices

Little (2)Students may say that they are independent once they have flown the nest to university, but students may need their parents more than they make out if the latest findings are to be believed.

A recent university study has found that students even value their parents' opinion over that of their own in terms of university choices and would be heavily influenced by their parents in such choices. According to a separate survey from the National Citizen Service, not only do today's students value their parents' opinion in such life choices, but they are also the most likely generation for 100 years to follow in their parents' line of work.

This survey found that, of the teenagers asked, 34 per cent said that they expected to emulate their parents in terms of employment which, when compared to the baby boomer generation, is considerably more, with just 16 per cent of baby boomers stating that they were likely to follow their parents' career choices.

Careers advice at school not up to scratch

It would appear that these findings are primarily influenced by a lack of advice from schools and colleges on future education and career options. A study by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)  found that a quarter of young people embarking on education and careers choices follow the advice of their parents after many have stated that careers advice at school isn't up to scratch.

This research would suggest that parents have far more influence over their children's futures than they may have first thought, with many students choosing to go onto a masters in oil and gas operations management or other such specialised course at undergraduate and postgraduate level as a result of their parents' influence and advice.

There is a call for schools and colleges to do more by way of updating their careers service so that students feel more equipped to make informed decisions about their futures, but if this research is anything to go by, it appears that today's young individuals still believe that Mum, or Dad, knows best.

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